Industrial Metalforming Technologies
Industrial Metalforming Technologies
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Metalforming Processes

Incremental Processes
Bulk forming processes

other terms horizontal, vertical, taper
definition The process of shaping seamless rings from pierced disks or shaping thick wall ring shaped blanks between rolls that control wall thickness, ring diameter, height and contour.

other terms wedge, cross, flat
definition The rolling to shape of cylindrical products through the use of two or three roll systems. The rolls are cam shaped around their periphery and sculptured along their length. A component is deformed radially and axially by rotation of the rolls between the minimum and maximum rise of the cam shaped roll profiles. An alternative method is flat rolling where two wedge shaped tools move parallel to each other deforming a cylindrical workpiece the axis of which is normal to the rolling direction.

other terms Contour rolling, thread rolling
definition The process of producing contours on tubular products often as fins on thin walled materials for heat dissipation or the manufacture of metal bellows.

other terms orbital forging, axial disc, nutation, precession, spin
definition A process in which the workpiece is pressed between a flat anvil and a die with a conical working face. The platens move toward each other during forging. The axis of the conic die can be caused to nutate about the vertex of the cone (rocking), precess (orbit) or have the cone spin about the axis whilst nutation and/or precession occurs.

other terms radial forging
definition The operation of reducing or changing the cross section area of stock by the fast impact of revolving dies. The tapering of bar, rod, wire or tubing by forging, hammering or squeezing. Reducing a section by progressively tapering lengthwise until the entire section attains the smaller dimension of the taper.