Industrial Metalforming Technologies
Industrial Metalforming Technologies
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Metalforming Processes

Incremental Processes
Sheet forming processes

other terms spin forging, simple, manual, shear, cone
definition The forming of a seamless hollow metal part by forcing a rotating blank to conform to a shaped mandrel that rotates concentrically with the blank. In the typical application, a flat rolled metal blank is forced against the mandrel by a blunt, rounded tool.

other terms flow turning
definition The forming of thin walled metal tubes from cupped sheet blanks (forward or direct) or from seamless tube (backward or indirect).

other terms cold roll forming
definition Metal forming through the use of stands of power driven rolls whose contour determines the axial shape of the product. Like tandem rolling, each roll stand causes strip to be deformed in sequence until the final shape has been obtained. This can be an open or closed form as in channel or tube. The process competes with tube extruded products.